Oil & Gas
"Now & Then"
24" x 30" -$45.00
The winning spirit of
Texas has made the oil
and gas industry in Texas
what it is today, a way that
benefits all.
Description: Oil wagon on
the way to a cable-tool rig
on the open spaces of
Texas. Early pump-jack to
the far right. Hint of
bluebonnet fields, workers
Texas longhorn looking on
at the passing wagon as it
heads around a deep
A peaceful setting of the
early days. Lower border
area has 6 early oil/gas
photos to the right and left
of the Texas Oil & Gas
Historical Series seal.
"Texas Fields"
(circa 1900)
24" x 30"
Retail $45.
24" x 30"
Ret. $45.
The Barnett
players around
an 1890
cable-tool rig.
"The Working Man"
24" x 30"
Ret, $45.
This art work depicts the
working man fishing
with pole tools on an
1895 cable tool rig. The
picture contains most of
the tools shown
graphically in the border
area. The text in the
lower portion of the print
gives a very detailed
account of how fishing
with pole tools is
"The Independent Oil Man"
(Well I'll Be...)
24" x 30"
Ret. $45.
"Deep In The Heart
Of Texas"
24" x 30"
Retail $45.
"Deep In The Heart
Of Texas II"
26" x 32"
Retail $45.
"American Ingenuity"
24" x 30"
Ret. $45.
"American Ingenuity"
Independence in energy -
independence for America
24" x 30"
Central art depicts the transition
from the early day's rig to the
modern with images of the
future with a city skyline, built by
Six mini-maps (completely
legible) of
Bakken Shale
Barnett Shale
Bossier/Haynesville Shale
Eagle Ford Shale
Marcellus Shale
Niobrara Shale
Images of early inventions
Logos of today's companies
"Leading On"
"Eagle Ford"
24" x 30"  Ret. $45.
"Pushing The Edge"
Land & Water
24" x 30" Ret. $45.
U.S.A. the leader in freedom,
opportunity and energy.
From its beginning in cotton to
developments in energy
Americans has succeeding in
improving our way of life. It
hasn't been easy and will most
likely continue to be difficult but
Americans are over-comers
and will continue to expand and
grow opportunities for the hard
working people. The
companies to be represented
on this print are examples of
those individuals who continue
our legacy of success.
"Just A Little Deeper"
24" x 30"
Retail: $45.
Central art depicts an 1890
cable tool
rig on the plains with a lone
rider dragging one length of
drill pipe confident that "just a
little deeper" will succeed in a
strike,or maybe that's all he
can muster up. A distant
pump jack in the field
(pre-1925 invention of the
modern pump jack).
The Permian Basin is
highlighted in the lower left
and the Woodford is
highlighted in the lower right.
Along the bottom shows a
variety of pump jack designs
used throughout the years.
The border surrounding the
central art has 12 well drilling
bits from 1919 - 1929.
The four rock groups,
metamorphic and
sedimentary, are pictured with
many types.
36" x 24"
retail: $48.
Continuing the tribute to the American
"American Resolution" follows
"American Ingenuity" with dedication
and resolve for  strong independent
Fields of grain with silhouettes
representing progression of
development in rigs. Bordered by the
words Exceptionalism, Innovating and
All state flags of the United States are
shown. Under each flag of the 31
states that are energy producers there
is listed;
Production Ranking by state
Oil produced
Gas produced
Number of refineries in that state
(as of December 2011)
The lower center map of the U.S. is a
night satellite view showing locations of
the oil and gas fields.
"Through It All"
Retail: $45.
24"X 36"
Retail $48.
24" x 30"
"American Progress"
24 x 30
$45. retail
24" X 30"
24"X 36"
Retail $48.
"Tri-State Formations"
Yesterday & Today
24" x 30"
Triple Play records many elements of our rich history of the oil
and gas industry. The art serves to preserve our history and
mark today's companies that are carrying on our heritage.
There are 13 vintage oil/gas stock certificates, 4 vintage gas
stations, 32 early day gas pump globes
and 8 early gas pumps with names and dates.
The U.S. map in the lower portion shows all current fields of play
across the USA.
The text at the bottom of the center art lists all of the oil states
with the location and dates production started in each state.